• A client survived a small plane crash and tried many other forms of therapy for nine months, including anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medication. He resumed normal living and flying after 3 EMDR sessions.
  • A woman with a 30-year smoking habit quit with ease after only ten sessions. As is often true with addictions, she found that trauma (her mother’s murder) was at the root of the problem.
  • One client witnessed the Oklahoma bombing; his nightmares were gone after 3 sessions.
  • Two clients that witnessed the 9/11 terrorist attack, as well as one survivor, reported great relief from anxiety after EMDR.
  • One woman, imprisoned in her home for two years by agoraphobia, was “freed” after 3 sessions.
  • Clients have resolved long standing crippling depression, panic attacks and/or chronic anxiety with EMDR.
  • Two eight-year-old girls and one boy were traumatized with fear of tornadoes and thunderstorms after the severe weather from a few years ago; they are now free of fear with the onset of severe weather.
  • Three shy clients aged 8, 18 and 50 report marked improvement in social ease.
  • Multiple clients experienced monumental changes in feeling neutral when in the presence of “toxic” interactions with family members or on the job.