Charles McCormack, unit chief, Federal Bureau of Investigation Administrator, Employer Assistance Program

The FBI has found EMDR to be extremely effective when used on individuals exhibiting symptoms of post-traumatic stress which can be tied to a specific traumatic event. The bottom line as I see it is that it works.

Lewis Engel, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, private practice, San Francisco

EMDR is a powerful tool in the hands of a skillful therapist. I’ve found it extremely useful in the treatment of the painful aftermath of rape, assault, combat, drug addiction, and the death of a loved one. But I’ve also found it a real help in overcoming the wide variety of less dramatic issues that bring people into my office: overcoming jealousy, envy and the loss of relationships (including divorce), fear of taking a test or fear of an intimidating boss, writer’s and artist’s block, sexual inhibition and a variety of self sabotage.

Washington Post

EMDR therapy has emerged as a procedure to be reckoned with in psychology…Almost a million have been treated…research appears to support the remarkable claims made.

Hugh Downs, 20/20 ABC News

EMDR provides a way for people to free themselves from destructive memories and it seems to work, even in cases where years of conventional therapy have failed.

Herbert Fensterheim, Ph.D., Cornell University

EMDR is the most revolutionary, important method to emerge in psychotherapy in decades.

Lenore Walker, Ed.D. ABPP, Domestic Violence Institute

A lifesaving process for battered women…everyone who has experienced the psychological pain from abuse or knows someone who has should know about EMDR!