EMDR and Children

Recently worked with a 4-year-old girl who was having fear that was beginning to generalize. She had unfortunately been accidentlally locked out of her home for a few minutes before her Dad realized and from that moment forward became terribly frightened to be alone. The anxiety was beginning to generalize so that the girl was not leaving her Mom’s side and became nervous if Mom was not in sight. Her mom had struggled herself with panic attacks historically that were resolved 15 years ago with me through EMDR tx.   Because of that history the  mom wanted to make sure her daughter did not struggle with this long.  After about one-half hour — with some drawing, talking and the biolateral drumbeat, the daughter was convinced she could play now without worrying about where her mother was at all times.  The 4-year-old has been back to her normal and relaxing just fine ever since.

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