Monthly Archive for April, 2010

Domestic Violence

I am working with EMDR and domestic violence again this week.  So powerful to see the rapid changes in thevictim’s knowing that she is not responsible for the actions of the perpetrator and to see the strength she now feels to address him in court.

EMDR PRESENTATION – April 26, 2010 at Voice of America:

Hi Everyone,

I have been invited to give my EMDR Presentation this Monday (April 26, 2010)  evening.  I’m finally going to able to use my new powerpoint.  The presentation, as always, will explain how the brain processes memory, the natural processing that causes all of us to get stuck at times in the “animal- instinctual” response system, and how EMDR can reprocess all of that — so you are “free”.

I’m sure to get a chance to talk about examples of EMDR helping with PTSD, phobias, anxiety, panic attacks, addictions, depression, shyness, etc.  Of course the list goes on forever.

Contact me if you would like to attend.  I do this same lecture once a month elsewhere also.

See you there!