Monthly Archive for June, 2010

Blended Family Struggles

Working this week with a couple who has strife from typical blended family issues. A wished-for bond is usually a long process and often not as rich as all hope it will be. I offered out an image that seemed helpful for perspective. Here it is: Try it out in your blended family. — If your spouse and their ex both died one week after you married and you were now the sole parent of his/her kids for life, what would look and feel different in how you relate? — It is also true that an exercise like this can be very dynamic and fruitful if EMDR techniques are folded into the process. Have fun with this and see what happens!

Cigarette smoking cessation

Today I began helping a client with quitting smoking.  EMDR can be very effective in helping with conquering addiction.  Every session is focused on aspects of the addictive behaviors and cravings.  Ultimately each session helps the struggling addict discover the foundation of a trigger and then reprogram it to a healthy response.

Surviving and Thriving through Trauma

This week’s EMDR work has begun with sessions about trauma from abuse.  In one case, a client was verbally abused from an older brother who was a bully.  She realized how significant that relationship was to her inner negative self-talk.  She left feeling very tired from the session, as is often the case.  This is evidence of how hard her brain and emotions worked in that hour.  I’m eager to hear how her self-talk has changed toward positive statements.

Childhood Sexual Trauma

I had a wonderful opportunity tonight to explain EMDR to the Childhood Sexual Trauma group that meets primarily at Crossroads Church in Oakley.  It’s always great to see people searching and healing.  EMDR can be to helpful for resolving childhood trauma.  Thanks to this group for helping me spread the word.